December… days are short, Christmas spirits are high, and temperatures are low. At least they are elsewhere, here in sunny old Florida it’s not too bad. But what better way to complement your hot chocolate to warm you up after coming in from the cold than a piece or two of our delicious raw chocolates? And not only that, what about adding another tasty holiday treat to the mix?

This December, you’ll find an extra present (and it’s not coal!) in your order of delicious and oh-so-good-for-you Butler’s Raw Chocolates. Purchase any 10- or 20-piece count—including our Original, Keto, and Vegan varieties in any flavor—and we’ll add a free pumpkin spice gingerbread man to your package!

Head on over to the shop, help yourself to some tasty chocolates, and receive a gingerbread man when you order!