We only use the healthiest, highest-quality, raw, organic ingredients in Butler’s Raw Chocolates. Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world from their place of origin. For example, our maca comes from Peru, where it naturally grows and has been growing since before 3800 B.C. This way, we know that the soil and environmental conditions are the best climate for the maca root, and we can ensure that ingredients are grown in the proper region and sustainably farmed by our fair trade partners with the best of care and upholding the highest standards.

Once we are satisfied with our ingredients, we handcraft our delicious chocolate morsels in our facility in Cocoa, FL, where they are immediately frozen to preserve their quality and freshness.

All our chocolates contain the following ingredients:

Cacao Powder

Cocoa pod, beans and powder isolated on a white backgroundCacao Powder: Arriba Organic Cacao Powder is made from beans harvested from the native-born heirloom Ecuadorian species Arriba Nacional-Fino de Aroma. This variety of cacao is considered worldwide to have the finest floral aroma and flavor profile as well as the highest amount of bioavailable nutrients and minerals. Farmers and artisans employ sustainable practices, meticulous organic farming methods, and the practical knowledge of old- and new-world chocolatiers to present you with the finest cacao powder on the market today.

• Full of flavor
• Meticulous organic farming methods used
• Rich in iron and other essential minerals
• 20%-25% Fat content
• Loaded with antioxidants


coconutCoconut: Raw coconut products come from unsweetened and unsulfured coconuts grown on certified organic plantations on the Philippine Islands. Our coconuts are handwashed in filtered water, shredded to the perfect size, and carefully dried to insure peak freshness. This superfood contains medium-chain fatty acids which can aid digestion, and is also a good source of protein and fiber. Organic coconut flakes can be sprinkled on a wide variety of dishes as an ideal addition to foods such as snacks, cookies, and desserts.

Arriba Cacao Butter

cocoa butterArriba Cacao Butter from Ecuador: Derived from the Arriba family of cacao beans from Ecuador. Cacao butter can contain up to 43% fat content per serving. This mild butter contains a smooth chocolate flavor, less oxidation, and more nutritional benefits than many other cacao butters on the market.

Cacao originated in the Amazon basin, and Ecuador has some of the oldest varieties of cacao trees.

  • Cacao butter provides a smooth chocolaty flavor.
  • Cacao is loaded with more than 300 chemically identifiable compounds, and is higher in anti-oxidants than green tea and wine. It contains protein, fats, calcium, iron, zinc, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, potassium, manganese, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, E, and oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat.
  • Cacao also contains antioxidants with a high polyphenol content. Theobromine is a weak but effective stimulant; phenylethylamine (PEA) is a chemical found to inspire happiness, clear mindedness, focus, and wakefulness.
Cacao Arriba Paste

SCacao Arriba Paste : Cacao arriba paste is derived from beans grown in Ecuador, where farmers and artisans employ sustainable practices, meticulous organic farming methods, and the practical knowledge of old- and new-world chocolatiers to present you with the finest Cacao products.

Our cacao is sun-dried, hand-peeled, and stone ground by native artisans to preserve its natural mineral density. It’s called a “superfood” for a reason. Cacao is high in minerals like iron and potassium. Cacao also has more antioxidants than even acai berries. Cacao arriba paste is considered to have the finest aroma and flavor.

Arriba paste has:

  • A rich, full flavor, a rich iron content, and other essential minerals
  • 20%-25% Fat content and is loaded with antioxidants.
Coconut Oil

coconut oil and fresh coconuts isolated on whiteRaw Organic Coconut Oil: Raw organic coconut oils are extracted by centrifuge from fresh coconuts, creating the purest oil available anywhere. It’s the food nutritionally closest to mother’s milk on this planet. Our coconut oil used is unique compared to other virgin coconut oils because it does not go through the customary commercial “quick-dry” or “wet-mill” process. Raw organic centrifuged coconut oil contains medium- and short-chain fatty acids. Using a centrifuge requires no heat and produces an oil with an absolutely amazing texture.

  • The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase 24-hour energy expenditure by as much as 5%, potentially leading to significant weight loss over the long term.
  • Almost 50% of the fatty acid in coconut oil is lauric acid which can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi.

morinda citrifoliaNoni: Noni is the Hawaiian name for Morinda citrifoliaplant, an evergreen shrub that probably originated in Southeast Asia and first arrived in the South Pacific through the colonization efforts of the ancient peoples of French Polynesia. They relied on the fruit for both nutritional value and its natural healing properties.

  • Noni is used as an analgesic working as an effective pain reducer for arthritic and other joint pains.
  • Immune system booster, activating macrophages and strengthening the immune system.
  • Antidepressant/sedative stimulating seratonin and melatonin, where seratonin affects mood, emotions, and sleep. An imbalance in serotonin levels may contribute to depression. Melatonin regulates the circadian rhythm, which helps you sleep.
  • Anti-tumor/anti-cancer, stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is an extremely useful substance, one that is at the base of many of noni’s benefits. In this case, it reduces tumor growth and helps your body fight against the cancerous replication of cells.

macaMaca: Harvested by hand in the Peruvian Andes at 14,000 feet by family growers who centuries ago were the first tomaster the art of producing maca root. We are confident that the maca produced in this most ideal, and pristine, location is the purest organic maca available. The rarefied air and organic soil produces a powerhouse of nutrition, building both body and mind. Maca root is a nutritional storehouse of minerals, vitamins, and fiber, including vitamin C, proteins, and tannins. Maca powder is also rich in quality carbohydrates and alkaloids which, when combined together, can form the basis for sustainable energy and potency.

  • Boost energy and vitality.
  • Used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Thought to increase the  libido of both sexes.
  • High in essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Rich in vitamin C.
Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed: Our organic shelled hemp seeds are grown on the plains of Manitoba. They contain up to 33% protein and 6% essential fatty acids. The sweet, nutty taste makes them delicious with almost anything. Hemp seeds contain the most digestible forms of protein, along with 8 essential amino acids and fatty acids including omega-3 and omega-6. They are a source of antioxidants, fiber, iron, calcium, and carotene (vitamin A).

  • Omega-chain fatty acids are essential for proper nutrition.
  • A rich, plant-based protein offering great nutrition for vegan and vegetarian diets in a delicious form.
  • A source of antioxidants, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin A.
Coconut Palm Sugar

CCoconut half and coconut sugar on whiteoconut Palm Sugar: Organic evaporated coconut palm sugar is cultivated from the Indonesian island of Java. It isderived from the sweet nectar of the sugar blossoms that grow at the top of the tropical coconut palm tree (Cocos nucifera). Traditional local farmers climb high into the canopy of swaying coconut trees and harvest this sweet nectar by gently slicing open the flower. This nectar is then converted into its traditional crystalline form in traditional sugarhouses that allow for small batch coconut palm sugar production.

  • Used as a 1:1 replacement for cane sugar, palm sugar is naturally low on the glycemic index (GI); rated at a GI 35, in comparison, most honey is a GI 55, and Jose Cane Sugar a GI 68.
  • A natural source of vitamin C.
  • Coconut palm sugar has also been known to deliver a slow release of energy, to sustain the human body through daily activities without the “highs” and “lows” associated with cane sugar.
Hemp Protein

hemp proteinHemp Protein: Our hemp protein contains the sustaining level of protein necessary for daily use. Along with a higher degree of iron and dietary fiber, our organic protein also contains a nurturing amount of potassium, vitamin A, and calcium. With its calm nutty flavor, hemp protein is great in numerous other recipes. Hemp protein is what you’ll need to power through the day.

  • Contains no less than 45% pure organic protein.
  • Source of iron and dietary fiber
  • Great as a daily protein supplement
Chia Seed

chia seedChia Seed:Organic black chia is naturally high in fiber as well as vitamin E, and a single serving contains 6 grams of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia is a good source of protein, calcium, niacin, iron, phosphorus, biotin, and thiamin. That is quite a potent punch for such a diminutive seed, and it certainly explains why chia is experiencing something of a renaissance today.

  • Rich source of dietary fiber
  • Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

mucunaMucuna: Mucuna, also known as the velvet bean. Mucuna is an annual, climbing shrub with long vines reaching over 15 mm in length. In many parts of the world, Mucuna pruriens is used as an important forage, fallow, and green manure crop. Since the plant is part of the legume family (peas and beans) it, with the help of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, takes nitrogen gas from the air and combines it with other chemical compounds. This produces a fertilizer and improves the soil. To that end, the whole plant is fed to animals as silage, as dried hay, and as dried seeds. This silage of Mucuna pruriens contains 11-23% crude protein, 35-40% crude fiber, and the dried beans contain 20-35% crude protein. It has also been used as an effective aphrodisiac and is still used today to increase the libido of both men and women.

  • Found in tropical parts of India.
  • Source of protein and fiber.
  • Used as an aphrodisiac.
Cacao Nibs

cacao nibsCacao Nibs: Cacao nibs are made from the native-born heirloom Ecuadorian species of cacao bean Arriba Nacional-Fino de Aroma. This variety of cacao is considered to have the finest floral aroma and flavor profile worldwide as well as the highest amount of bioavailable nutrients and minerals.

Raw Honey

Raw Honey: Raw honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It promotes body and digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, eliminates allergies, and is an excellent remedy for skin wounds and all types of infections.

Bee Pollen

Honey pollen isolated on white backgroundBee Pollen: Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD, has listed bee pollen as one of his 22 most recommended food energies. Bee pollen can be used medicinally for a wide range of conditions from prostate health to skin conditions, and can help correct specific nutritional imbalances within the body.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly: Royal jelly is loaded with minerals, vitamins, protein and pheromones. It also contains amino acids, fats and lipids to aid metabolism, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids to help in lowering cholesterol. Royal jelly has a complex protein content and can assume various forms. These repair body tissue and boost immunity.


Agave: The agave plant is native to deserts in areas of Mexico and southwestern states such as Arizona and New Mexico. Agaves are a good source of iron. Agaves contain saponins, which bind to cholesterol and can help lower overall cholesterol levels, according to Jonny Bowden, author of “The Healthiest Meals on Earth.” Agaves also contain inulin, a type of fiber that’s also a probiotic. At Butler’s Raw Chocolates, we also use agaves in our delicious Vegan Raw Chocolates.

In addition, we use the following ingredients in Butler’s Vegan Raw Chocolates:

Bilberry Powder

Bilberry Powder: A close relative of the blueberry, cranberry and huckleberry, the wild bilberry is loaded with potent antioxidants including flavonoids and anthocyanins. Historically, wild bilberries were used to support healthy night vision. British Royal Air Force pilots were known to eat bilberry preserve during World War II to help them see clearly during night missions. Daily use may support healthy visual acuity and can support a person’s eyes to adjust during the dark of night as well as the glare of bright daylight due to the protection of rhodopsin in the eye.

Blueberry Juice Extract

Blueberry Juice Extract: Blueberries are a well-known source of antioxidants like anthocyanins; vitamin C, B complex, E and A, copper, selenium, manganese, zinc, dietary fiber, iron. Recently, researchers at Tufts University analyzed 60 fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant capability. Blueberries graced the top of the list, rating highest in their capacity to possibly destroy free radicals.

The following superfood ingredients can be found in both our Vegan Raw Chocolates as well as our Keto Raw Chocolates:

Camu Camu

Camu Camu: Camu Camu is a bush native to the Amazon rainforest of Peru and has been used as a natural medicine by indigenous populations for thousands of years. It is energizing, mood-lifting and highly effective in supporting the immune system.

Coconut Palm Nectar

Coconut Palm Nectar: Coconut palm nectar is a fat-free superfood sweetener that is made from the sap of the tree. Some of the health benefits of coconut palm nectar are:

  • Source of minerals including iron, zinc, and magnesium.
  • Source of vitamins B and C.
  • Contains up to 17 amino acids.
  • May assist with weight loss.