Eating the right foods is the key to living the life of full happiness. There is no guilt in eating raw super-nutritious chocolate. Michael, the creator of our fantastic chocolates lost 60 pounds eating his own chocolates! “I am a religious spirit, so my body is the temple of God. Therefore I will treat it as a temple, and I want to find all the super foods to sustain us! This life is super tough, and you need super food to fight it. I know that my customers are receiving this great super food, and I can’t wait to hear back from them. If it is from the Butler…you know it is good for you! There is not a day that goes by with chocolate as my treat.” – Michael Butler
Michael in front of the local chocolate counter in Titusville, FL.
I work 60-70 hrs and drive about 1500 miles each week. I was drinking about 15-20 energy drinks each week as well- before mike talked me into trying Ca.Boom. I was skeptical and it is bitter. However, after a few days I was fully energized and stopped drinking the energy drinks. I have noticed an increase in mental cognition and a decrease in appetite. Thanks Mike for challenging me to give it a try. FYI: I eat about 15-20 Ca-Boom a week.
Richard Tucker

Port St. John, FL

These chocolates are very good! It only takes a couple and your chocolate craving is fulfilled. They came to us in two days and were packed very well.
Sharon Hernandez

Bountiful, Utah

Melt in your mouth chocolate! Delicious! The best part is they’re good for you! Opens your eyes on what chocolate really should taste like with natural ingredients!
Stacey Butler Stauffer

Layton, Utah

The greatest antioxidant that I have ever tasted!! Thank you Mike! I will be calling soon for more!!
Donna Rosendorf

When I received the Butler’s raw chocolate, I immediately found my favorite that I felt great eating during the week, especially with lunch…Goji. Very delicious and more satisfying. Didn’t get the “OD” of sugar that I normally get from regular chocolate. You can tell it is packed with real food nutrients and won’t let you down after a few minutes. Great job “Butler”!
Matt Baker

South Jordan, Utah

I love Mikes innovation and savory combinations of natural ingredients in Butler’s Raw Chocolates.
Dan Chavez

Cocoa, FL

Great chocolates, plus they are good for you! Can’t go wrong here. Mike does a great job and very informative about his product!
Todd Bullock

What a wonderful surprise at work today. That Chocolate is fantastic. I can’t wait to open a red wine tonight and indulge!! Thanks Chris and Mike!!
Peggy Swineheart Cruce

Birmingham, AL

I’m eating some right now. It’s pretty dang good. Not too bitter, not too sweet. It’s just right…and not to mention, it’s healthy! Boom!
Mikey Blalock

AMAZING! I absolutely loved the very first batch of pure dark , it is dark chocolate in its purest, most nourishing form. Absolutely lovable by the first bite
John Portz

Port Saint John, FL

Wonderful taste and nutrition all in one small package! I get my “chocolate fix” in the best possible form. Slowly let one melt in your mouth-they will become your favorite, too!
Alicia Berry

These are delicious!!! Trust me you are going to love the taste as they melt in your mouth… With so many variety of flavored to choose from your going to love these! Especially if your a chocoholic … You finally found a taste of heaven!!
Joni Butler

Roy, UT

Its sooooo yummy and good for you! It melts in your mouth. Made from all organic raw superfoods it will leave you wanting more 🙂
Angie Williams

Titusville, FL