Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey that provides your body with super nutrition!

Butler’s Raw Chocolates are fresh and bursting with cacao flavor at the highest levels of nutrition. Serving in the Cocoa and Titusville, FL area since 2008, we have expanded to provide all of North America with chocolates that are prepared fresh with raw and organic ingredients. As a leading provider of raw superfood chocolates, we take pride in our commitment to offering the best raw organic handcrafted chocolates. We infuse our original recipe with 10 of the world’s best-known superfoods along with three local bee products, that’s 13 superfoods! Our chocolates are certified raw and organic and are non-GMO and gluten free. We also expertly craft Ketogenic as well as Vegan Chocolates.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we use the highest quality standards. Our chocolates are always individually handcrafted in a certified clean environment by the State of Florida. We ship our products to you in special packaging that ensures freshness upon arrival, all at the best price.

Working continuously to improve our processes and creativeness helps us make your raw chocolate experience as good as it can be. Our whole reason for making this chocolate is “for everyone to be happier and healthier through eating chocolates that not only taste good but are good for you”!

As you can see on this website, we have links to several reports and studies which have proven the ingredients we use to be some of the world’s most beneficial superfoods known to man. We also very carefully ensure that the quality of our food is at the highest level possible by being extremely selective of the ingredients we use. Only the best supply available is used in our chocolates, and we are constantly looking for the most direct line to the grower. Renewable resourcing and free trades are necessities for us and our suppliers.

The glycemic scale puts our chocolates very close to 35, which is beneficial to those of us with diabetes and other sugar issues. As people with diabetes, we always struggle to find good and healthy chocolate to replace all of the sugar-infused products out there that call themselves ‘chocolate.’ Until now, there was very little to choose from, and much of it was not very good for you. But now there is our raw chocolate formula along with our process, which are both patented.

We developed Butler’s Raw Chocolates to share with the rest of the world how good raw chocolate can be for you and how tasty it truly is! Join us on this journey of treating our bodies well, with proper nutrition, and providing that uplifting feeling of happiness we receive when we enjoy chocolate. Your body will thank you, and you will enjoy guilt-free pleasure. What more could we ask? Treat yourself today with a nutritious treat from our delicious menu. Remember:

Chocolate never felt this good!